The long awaited parody of OS X.. is almost here!
Tired of Windows?
Yeah.. Me too..
Tired of Windows Parodies?
**** yeah!
Well, I don't ****ing blame you!
"Maks" latest installment of our "New and unimproved" OS is almost here.
We're calling it..


Look for it next month!

Tired of Windows Parodies? OS X LIGER IS COMING SOON!

Where's the Mac parody?

2008-04-26 09:56:44 by mark9

Many of you... okay.. 3 of you asked when that Mac parody is coming out.

I'm confirming to tell you that it is indeed on it's way!

I've been working a little blind though, since I don't own a mac.. yet. (although i'll be getting one very soon), but I have been able to understand how it works, and stuff, since we use them at school.

Once I do get my mac, the flash animation should be in the process of cleaning up and adding final details to make it as close to perfect as possible.

And for the record, i'm still using Flash 8.
F U Adobe and your complicated CS3 BS.! D:<

Why not a Mac parody?

Yes, there aren't enough Mac OS parodies out there (in fact, I havent seen one), so I thought I would make one up, to make some of the hardcore Windows fans laugh at the "not-so-crash-proof" Mac world.

Its just out of love. And i feel like doing something different. You can expect this parody to hit Newgrounds in December.

P.S. I may need some help with some of you Mac users out there.