Where's the Mac parody?

2008-04-26 09:56:44 by mark9

Many of you... okay.. 3 of you asked when that Mac parody is coming out.

I'm confirming to tell you that it is indeed on it's way!

I've been working a little blind though, since I don't own a mac.. yet. (although i'll be getting one very soon), but I have been able to understand how it works, and stuff, since we use them at school.

Once I do get my mac, the flash animation should be in the process of cleaning up and adding final details to make it as close to perfect as possible.

And for the record, i'm still using Flash 8.
F U Adobe and your complicated CS3 BS.! D:<


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2008-10-05 19:37:30

I am using flash 8 as well and I bet the dawn of time would be suprised,"I" almost thought that everyone was two lazy to try making a mac parody