Entry #1

Tired of Windows Parodies? What about Mac's?

2007-08-05 11:40:57 by mark9

Why not a Mac parody?

Yes, there aren't enough Mac OS parodies out there (in fact, I havent seen one), so I thought I would make one up, to make some of the hardcore Windows fans laugh at the "not-so-crash-proof" Mac world.

Its just out of love. And i feel like doing something different. You can expect this parody to hit Newgrounds in December.

P.S. I may need some help with some of you Mac users out there.


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2007-08-05 15:16:52

The latest ad is just laughable... "Cancel or Allow?" I mean come on. Maybe you could make a segment where Mac gets spammed with incompatibility notices. :P


2007-08-05 15:36:31

I can tell you why there are no mac parodies around....
Parodies make fun of obvious problems, hey wait what problems
the only problem with macs is not enough people use them


2007-08-05 17:15:12

Thank god for PC! Whew, now that that is over, I just want to say I eagerly look forward to your flash, and to KaelThas, I have not seen said ad unfortunately, as A.F.N, "Armed Forces Network, the American Military T.V. network" doesn't show any commercials. I hope that your parody comes out soon Mark, the world needs a response to the Mad-Mac-Mania that is being perpetuated. (Yea! Alliteration dance!) XD LOL XD LOL XD LOL XD LOL XD LOL XD.


2007-08-06 15:57:58

this sounds like it will end up good.


2007-08-31 22:25:10

iv only seen 3!!!!!!, and how many windows parodies ar there? HUNDEREDS!!! I even Googled mac parodies, but no parodies!!! this world NEEDS more mac parodies


2007-09-08 14:11:14

Why are there no Mac parodies? Its not that there are no problems with Hackintosh, its that no one uses them enough to tell the rest of the world what problems there are with it.


2007-09-22 19:35:31

so... wen wil u submit it?


2007-10-28 16:24:53

It could be good but I have a Mac and to be honest it has never crashed once. Ever. I just upgraded to Leopard and that is even better so ,uh, yeah it would be good and unrealistic. Love your other stuff.


2007-11-12 15:54:43

when will it come out?


2008-01-27 20:30:19

It's january 2008. already...so where's the parody?

mark9 responds:

calm down..

i'm er.. working on it..