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talk to the hand woman!



i was not expecting that ending...

5 friggen long ass episodes and everyone dies.


never-the-less, its an amazing series.

is it me?

or does that monkey sound like a fag?

dude, your drawing is great, your animation is OK, but the voices, SUCK. I didnt even watch it all the way, because it was annoying.

but other than that. upload something more meaningful..


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great game

i know what the chemical brothers song is (you mentioned it in endurance)

....push the button!! :D

i have it on my mp3 lol

i see your usin flstudio

the games good but the music sucks, like the rest of the reviews said.

For now, use "already made" music for now. and when you get better at FLStudio, start maken your own!

You know whats funny?

I saw this exact same submission (only it wasnt xxx). You copied it! Music, sounds, everything! You just took it and replaced your own pictures!

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could use a better instrument

now the melody is beautiful dont get me wrong, but this song could have sounded SO much better if you used an actual guitar, or even a realistic synth.

i would like to help you out if you need help, i happen to have a few good real sounding guitars here. ;)


amazing work.

Bosa responds:

Actually, my friend, I did record a pluck from my old detuned guitar. I couldn't find any other audio recording, so I just used my own. You can edit it where it will play the pitch of the note. I guess my little mic over here didn't work too well since it seemed not to sound like a real guitar. Oh well. Better luck next time.


really nice

sounds like a song from a 3rd person sneaking game.

well done, drums sound really nice, and the strings give it a mysterious approach.


LfunkeyA responds:

thanx for the rev.


everything seems perfect in this song, except for the part when the guitar drops out. in my opinion, the guitar was the main part in the song.

i would love to hear a longer version!



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